Hello! Sawasdee krab. I am Ed, Welcome to my home, Thailand.

Thailand has many things to do and to see, for example, beautiful nature or rich of culture and vary of foods. Thailand also has many nice spa for those who want to relax after hard work.

Exploring Thailand

I'm Ed, I will help you to design your best trip in Thailand.

Want to come to Thailand? If you want to visit Thailand by yourself but worried about these things,
     - Language and communication with Thai people.
     - Don't know how to start?
     - How to travel to various attractions?
     - Will you be tricked into paying expensive services?
     - When will the tourist attractions be closed?
     - Should I go to travel to that place at that time?
     - How much time should it take to travel there?
     - Etc.

We have a solution for you.

My Services

Travel planner. We give you trip information for all things you need to know. Also we will help you when you stay in Thailand until end of your trip. This is include communication via any chat application or by telephone.

  • Find tour program in any city in Thailand (no addition service charge).

  • Buy ticket (train, bus or any show) and deliver to your hotel (with additional service charge).

  • Meet at meeting point (airport, train station or bus station) and take you to your hotel (with additional service charge but not include transportation fee, that you can choose by yourself).

  • Take you to any place (depend on your request with additional service charge).


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